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Allow me to introduce myself

Hi!!! 👋🏽👋🏽 I'm Kelly, Head Tall Girl in Charge at Tall Girl Magic!

I've endured YEARS of comments about my height! During my elementary and high school years, I was picked on and called a plethora of names simply because I was...TALL! I was chosen to play on my high school sports teams simply because I was. . .TALL! #basketball #volleyball Imagine my coaches dismay when they realized I wasn't GREAT! 👀 I was never the "superstar athlete" and I was beyond OK with that! You see, I really didn't want to continue playing after the first year but the way my mom is set up...she wouldn't let me quit! #fouryearslater In basketball I guess I was the "gentle giant"...not aggressive AT ALL! Of the two sports, I preferred volleyball. HOWEVER  what I was NOT about to do was dive all over the floor after the ball getting banged up and bruised! #sorrynotsorrycoach I did have a mean underhand serve though...perhaps that's why my coach kept me on the team? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Anywho...throughout my adult years, the comments have changed to people questioning and/or commenting on my height BEFORE they even say hello (#annoying), questioning me about WHY I'm "wasting MY height" by NOT playing sports or modeling to being very complimentary with their comments about my height.  My favorite is when I see young tall girls out and about with their parents and they stop and ask me about my height and I'm able to say some encouraging words to bring a smile to their face and have them realize that being TALL is not so bad! You see, we really are MAGICAL! Let me leave you with some synonyms for the word that apply to us:


Get the picture? #wereabigdeal 😘

I didn't always like being tall...having to stand in the BACK for group pictures at school or sporting events...wearing clothes or shoes that may not have been in fashion...playing sports, etc. But today? Chile! I LOVE all 188cm of ME!!! 🤣

With Tall Girl Magic, I will help young tall girls, teens and women celebrate their beauty, uniqueness, power and confidence by creating clothing they can proudly and confidently wear to showcase THEIR Tall Girl Magic!

There are a LOT of beautiful tall girls and women out here, each with her own stories and experiences. I'm sure we can relate to each other in some way. Care to share any of YOUR experiences?

Encourage a young tall girl today! #tallisbeautiful

You're beautiful! You're unique! You're confident! YOU ARE TALL GIRL MAGIC!!!


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